Nothing will move you further and faster
in your career and your work than the ability to speak confidently and persuasively
in any situation.

A comment we often hear:
" One of our directors spoke at a client function and I was so impressed!

They were polished and confident and they made it look so easy!
I’ve seen others though, where I’ve wanted to crawl under the table. They’re great at their work but public speaking is not in their skill set!"

Sound familiar?

Nothing will move you further and faster than adding on to your technical skills, the ability to speak confidently and persuasively in any situation.

It’s never too late to learn this critical skill, one on one or in a group.

David Julian Price has been coaching people in all levels of presentation skills for over 25 years. He specialises in working with professional people who need to present confidently and persuasively in critical situations.

Boardroom presentations, client functions, corporate cocktails, client pitches, company seminars, client promotional seminars - anywhere that you have to stand in front of people and present you, your company, your information or your ideas.

Sometimes the people who are at the top of their profession technically have just never added public speaking to their skill set. You've probably been in audiences when they have spoken and their fantastic professional ability is overshadowed by their poor ability to communicate their ideas.

The problem is that afterwards, people tend to remember the speaking skill (or lack of it) more than the information that was given.

David is based in Perth, Western Australia but works with clients throughout Australia and also internationally.

Coaching in Speaking and Presentation for:

          •Business Leaders
          •Sales & Marketing Professionals
          •Community Leaders
          •Small Business Operators

David works with you to:

          • Build your confidence & competence so you can speak effectively to              any size audience;
          •Engineer your message so that there is optimum “message to market              match” and maximum impact;
          •Develop the skill of conversion – turning words into sales;
          •Identify speaking opportunities and get maximum results every time you              speak;

The skill to speak effectively is useful at every type of function or event. Every time you speak one on one to a client, at a sales meeting, a client seminar, or an event with an audience large or small, you have the opportunity to stand out and make an impact.

No matter what your fears or skill level, you can learn to be an effective speaker and take advantage of the endless opportunities that will open up for you.

Individual and small group coaching throughout Australia and internationally.

Step Up and Stand Out Now!
Start your journey to speaking success with The Master

If you'd like to take your own career or your company to another level, call or email David for a confidential discussion about the best way we can work together. David can work with you one on one for general coaching, or one on one for a specific presentation, or we can work together in small groups.

Phone: (Within Australia) 08 9383 9499 or 041 8888 018

Phone from Outside Australia: +61 8 9383 9499 or +61 418 888 018

“David is amazing. With just a few simple things that I would never have thought about, David had me presenting in a way I have never done before. The impact on the audience was quite incredible and the feedback I received was wonderful.”
“Using the tips David taught me I now have a sales conversion rate of between 30% and 40% every time I speak.”

Gabriela Rosa
Specialist Natural Fertility Naturopath

I’m an engineer by profession but David is an absolute master when it comes to engineering words. He worked with me to get my message sounding like a highly tuned machine that suited me, my personality and and what I am about. Then he coached me how to say the words so I felt and sounded like a pro.”

David Simmons
CEO TSG Key Group
Winner - 2007 Western Region
Young Entrepreneur of the Year

One on one or group coaching to speak persuasively and
with confidence for professionals, executives, managers,
entrepreneurs and speakers

Here's what other people have said about David's coaching:

David pulls no punches in his coaching and so you move so much faster and further. I am amazed at how far I have moved with my speaking and my business since I started working with David.

He has the ability to get right to the core with just a few questions and then turn that into exactly the words that I need to say.

I've used every suggestion he has made and they have all worked brilliantly!

Julie Meek
Dietitian and Performance Specialist

“I thought my sales presentation was pretty good.... but after a session with David I had at least a dozen tips and strategies that I know will DOUBLE sales.... things I would never have thought about, had no idea about, or dismissed as unimportant.

David put me right, showed me how just a word here or a gesture there could make all the difference - and why.”

Greg Milner
Worldwide Salon Marketing
David showed me how to “sell” in such a subtle way when I speak that no-one knew I was selling - but I sold out of product completely!

I can see why they call him “The Master”. He cuts to the chase and gets straight to the point when he coaches. I feel confident enough now to speak to any size audience.”

Dana Steddy
CEO - Envirocare Holdings

I’ve been an acknowledged professional in my area of expertise for longer than I care to mention, and consequently was a prisoner of what I already knew and believed.
What we did today in an amazing and enjoyable flow, was to provide the meat for my intentions and give me an exciting and fullness of direction for action.
Not only did you ask useful questions, but you reframed my answers and offered suggestions I hadn’t thought of!
I love the way you got fully into it without verbosity and with decisive assistance.
Whilst you are a respected speakers’ coach, you have delivered for me a value (at least) equivalent to Boston Consulting and McKinsey, as a business mentor, consultant and coach.

David Deane-Spread
Specialist Leadership Consultant

David has provided me with enormous support and assistance in developing my career as a Professional Speaker. He has given me expert advice on developing my topic and suggested ways that I can enter the market and build a successful speaking business.

I am extremely grateful to him for his kind and generous support and highly recommend him to other people who are looking at entering the speaking profession or who want to maximise their existing business. His knowledge is extensive, his ideas are innovative and his coaching is invaluable.

Katie Roberts
Professional Speaker

Thank you for an excellent day last Thursday and for the opportunity to be part of your coaching programme which I found to be helpful on so many levels.
  Through your expert critique and coaching to develop my unique presentation style and content, I now feel more confident in the way I present myself to an audience, my most effective body language and stance, and the way in which I articulate my message, particularly the opening and close. 

Jennifer Wilson
Registered Psychologist

Here's what more people have said about David's coaching:
Kim Antonio CEO I found the session and specific feedback mostconstructive.
Megan Wynne
Manging Director Exceptional value I will feel far more confident presenting in future.
Meghan Barnes Natural Resource Management Officer David is not only an inspirational presenter himself but inspires you to replicate this in your own performance.
Michelle Beer Project Officer A little bit scary being taken out of comfort zone but overall a great deal of useful & relevant info & I am sure I can only get better from here.
Gail Bellotti Grants Officer Interesting, thought provoking & helpful.
Alison Blake Media Relations Manager Entertaining, informative, engaging.
Charmaine  Cheng Disability Services Coordinator Confidence has increased in presentation skills
Heather Conda Partner Project Officer Most informative and helpful presentation skills course I have attended. Highly recommended for any one with confidence skills
Jason Diederich State Manager Vic Energetic & enthusiastic really loved it lots of new ideas & sufficiently challenging for all parties across a wide range of abilities
Phillip Dilger State Manager Very informative & interactive way to expand my understanding & skills in presenting in a professional manner.
Brenton Fielke Qld State Manager Enjoyed the day and learnt some very useful tips to improve my skills
Nicole Grant ACT Manager I have found todays program to be increased by entertaining informative and has provided me worth skills. I will use forever
Jennifer Higbid Environmental Officer Thankyou I learnt some great tips which will make me feel more confident in giving presentations
Peter Howard A/Program Manager Very interesting, very informative, very useful
Natasha Hyde Dept Of Water An excellent day, with some very useful tips. Very entertaining 
Peter Kata Senior Engineer Very interesting and entertaining presentation valuable information acquisition of new skills
Verity Klemm Manager Great course that provides insights & practical ideas for improving presentations in an entertaining, engaging & informative way
Liemma Lee Natural Resource Management Officer Great
Adam Lillee Manager NT Very beneficial Great tips.
Christa Loos Environmental Officer A very powerful presentation that changed my views or preparing a presentation, and a very enjoyable day.
Kristy Lovell-Browne Branch Manager - Wollongong, NSW Very energetic & interesting. Found it very useful & will really help my own presentations 
Veronica  Lwin Travelsmart Workplace Coordinator Fantastic very interesting. I am a better person for participating today.
Tamsen  Marriott ACT Manager Excellent I have been to about 3 other training sessions & presentations this was the best practical and empowering
Fiona  Monahan General Manager Today was a great, energetic fast paced day definitely hit the mark thank you
Peter Novak Environmental Officer Fantastic I have done many presentations but after today many points I have been told previously now make sense 
Craig Olenik Senior NRMO Worth while course in development of knowledge on how to prepare presentations
Robert Panasiewicz Research Officer Got me out of my comfort zone and & enabled to learn new skills at public speaking.
Heather Pickering National Service Delivery Manager Great
Jamie Piotrowski NRMO Very informative and surprisingly helpful
Corina Scott Environmental Officer I know that the next time I need to do a presentation I will feel much more confident - so thankyou
Louise Stelfox Senior Allocation Officer Excellent! Thanks.
Milica Subotic NRMO Very practical.
Natalie Thorning Wetlands Program Coordinator Fantastic looking forward to putting into practice. Learnt a lot.
Karis Tingey Administration Assistant It was fantastic!! Very hands on and practical and very well related to our profession.
Antonietta  Torre Engineer Very useful tips, energetic presenter, enjoyable course
Amanda Vanloon Community Involvement Manager A brilliant, interesting and concise day I learned a lot and will benefit greatly a lot and will benefit greatly from this experience.
James Yuen Water Resource Planner Very informative, lots of examples and little hints/tips that are easy to remember and of great value.

Phone: (Within Australia) 08 9383 9499 or 041 8888 018

Phone from Outside Australia: +61 8 9383 9499 or +61 418 888 018

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